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Tricia's retro film review: Lost Battalion

The movie poster.

Lost Battalion (1962)


Lost Battalion is the 1962 war film. It is WWII and the Japanese have invaded the Philippines. Ramon leads a guerrilla group dedicated to fighting them. He helps to save a group of Americans. One of them, Kathy, falls in love with him. However, not only does he have to deal with the Japanese Army, he has to deal with a man who wants to take over his group. Can Ramon keep his position secure while trying to deliver the American refugees to safety?

While the movie doesn’t do anything unique, it is a lot better than Tank Battalion. Mostly because the romance sub plot doesn’t overtake the story. In fact, Kathy and Ramon would have made a pretty good couple. While the story is a little scattershot in its sub plots, it’s still decent. Unusually, it uses documentary clips to movie the story along. It’s not unheard of in an American film though. Honolulu war film fans should rent this movie first before deciding if they want to buy it.

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