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Tricia's retro film review: Lisa and the Devil

Lisa and the Devil


Lisa and the Devil is the 1974 director’s version of The House of Exorcism. Lisa is a tourist who bumps into a man named Leandro, who looks like the devil in a fresco she saw. Lisa hitches a ride with a couple back to her hotel, but the car breaks down at the mansion of a countess and her son, Maximillian. He is convinced that Lisa is the reincarnation of his dead girlfriend, Elena and kills the other guests because he feels they will stop him. Lisa tries to escape, but it turns out it is Leandro who has the last laugh.

This is a much better version than The House of Exorcism. Mostly because the sub-plot is cut from the main story. The viewer does end up feeling sorry for Lisa because she is unwittingly drawn back into the curse and can’t escape it. Leandro is a surprisingly charming demon and Telly Savalas does a good job playing him. The film has an almost dreamlike atmosphere as if the story is taking place in a separate realm. Honolulu horror fans should watch this movie.

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