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Tricia's retro film review: Lady Frankenstein

Lady Frankenstein


Lady Frankenstein is the 1971 horror film. Dr. Frankenstein is trying to create life while his daughter Tania has finished her studies. Both Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Marshall succeed in creating life, but the being kills Frankenstein and escapes. Tania and Marshall decide to solve the problem by transferring Marshall’s brain into Thomas’ brain and kill him. They then resurrect him and pit him against the monster. Meanwhile, the villagers decide to take matters into their own hands. Who will kill the monster first?

It’s a decent movie that is not as exploitive as it may seem. In fact, Dr. Frankenstein is killed and is replaced by his daughter. Horror fans looking for a stricter adaptation may be angered by this. At the very least, it mentions that it would have been hard for Tania to become a doctor at the time. Tania’s and Dr. Marshall’s plan is unique but stupid, as Thomas could easily become as uncontrollable as the first creature. The ending is flawed as we don’t see any hints that Marshall can’t control himself. Honolulu horror fans should rent this movie first.

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