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Tricia's retro film review: Killer's Moon

Killer's Moon


Killer’s Moon is the 1978 cult horror film. A school bus from a girl’s academy breaks down in the British countryside. Several young people are camping nearby. Unfortunately, they will soon be visited by four escaped insane asylum patients who have been treated with LSD. They start killing and raping people, convinced that they are in a dream. The girls meet up with the campers and hatch a plan to stop them. Can they beat the killers?

This is a typical slasher film that is only controversial for its stupid treatment of rape. To be fair, it was one of the first British horror films not to be set in the past at the time. Still, the advice that you can forget a rape done to you is bad and will cause the young girl to have problems later in life. One scene that is genuinely shocking is that the cat’s tail gets chopped off. While viewers can sometimes handle humans being hurt, they still are sensitive to animal cruelty. Honolulu horror film fans need to rent this movie first.

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