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Tricia's retro film review: Kill, Baby, Kill

Kill, Baby, Kill


Kill Baby Kill is the 1966 horror film directed by Mario Bava. Dr. Paul Eswai is called to perform an autopsy on a woman. He learns that they are being killed by the ghost of a little girl named Melissa. He scoffs at the story, despite the fact that Ruth is trying to stop her. Monica has come to the town to visit her parent’s graves but there is a terrible secret that will be revealed. What is the connection between her and Melissa?

This movie is decent, if not as memorable as Black Sunday and Lisa and the Devil. The plot makes sense, as Melissa seems to want to torture the townspeople eternally after leaving her to die, even if they took no part in the incident. Her mother should have been introduced earlier, as she just pops out of nowhere to give an explanation. Monica’s story works better, as she is introduced early in the movie and her connection to Melissa works. The atmosphere is nicely gothic and has a sense of dread. Especially during the scenes where the ghost compels people to kill themselves. There is some violence, so viewers who are sensitive to it may not want to watch this film. Dr. Eswai may be a main character, but it’s Ruth who is the real star of the story, as she tries to stop Melissa, even if her methods are somewhat cruel. In fact, instead of Paul beating Melissa’s mother, as which would have happened in another film. It is Ruth who save the day, all Paul can do is save Monica. While the movie may not be the most unique film, it does a pretty good job of entertaining people. Honolulu film fans should at least rent it.

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