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Tricia's retro film review: Funeral Parade of Roses

Funeral Parade of Roses


Funeral Parade of Roses is the 1969 Japanese film. Eddie is a young man who is a transvestite. He lives in Tokyo and tries to survive. However, he has emotional issues: his father left him when he was a little child and his mom mocks his attempt to become the “man of the house.” Things get worse once he starts acting like a female and his mom hits him. He moves to Tokyo and sleeps with a man. But when he finds out the man’s true identity, it leads into tragedy.

This is a rather interesting movie that turns out to have taken some ideas from Oedipus Rex. People uncomfortable with LGBT themes may not want to watch it. While it’s an experimental film, it isn’t confusing and even allows us a peek at Eddie’s psyche. He does have sex with his dad unknowingly, so it’s pretty gross. The scenes where the drag queens fight women who were born that way actually does happen in real life. Although the cat fight takes a satiric pitch with the word balloons and fast forwards. Honolulu film fans should watch this movie.

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