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Tricia's retro film review: First a Girl

First a Girl


First a Girl is the 1935 British musical. Elizabeth is a clerk at a store who wishes to become a singer. She meets up with a female impersonator named Victor, who comes down with a cold, so Elizabeth pretend to be a man impersonating a woman and covers for him. They turn out to be a smash hit and become famous. They meet up with some royal members named Princess Mironoff and Robert. Both Victor and Elizabeth like them, but can’t reveal their secret. However the duo finds out and hatch a plan crazy enough to work.

This is a pretty good musical comedy. In fact, the viewer gets the impression had Victor and Elizabeth did not pair up with Mironoff and Robert, they might have dated each other. Still, the two royals have some chemistry with the performing duo that should have been explored a little more. Both Mironoff and Robert are pretty smart characters for this type of comedy and it leads to a refreshing twist that they know the truth, but keep it from Victor and Elizabeth because of their plan to woo them. The musical numbers are pretty funny. Honolulu comedy fans should watch this movie.

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