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Tricia's retro film review: Fast Break

Fast Break


Fast Break is the 1979 sports film. David Greene is a deli owner who dreams of being a basketball coach. He gets a job at Cadwaller University and assembles a group of ragtag players who all enlist in the college. They do pretty well, even getting a match with a top tier college by beating the opposing coach at pool. However, the teams personal problems threaten to destroy the team. It all comes to a head in the climatic game as sports and private lives collide. Can they still win?

This is a decent, if not very memorable film. However, it does have a horrible message in that David’s assistant refuses to stop perusing a woman when she says no. He is able to get her but in real life this never happens. It feels more like a dramedy than a comedy as there are just as many tense scenes as there are light comedy scenes. Interestingly the movie seems to have no problem with homosexuality and transsexuality even though Swish is actually a woman. What many modern viewers may not understand was that there was no WNBA in the 1970s so Swish had to pretend she was a guy in order to play. Although some might wonder why the opposing team doesn’t try to call a forfeit once she finally decides to tell the truth. The subplots tie nicely into the main plot as D.C. is in real danger of getting arrested and someone tries to kill Preacher. It adds a little variety as the team must deal with more than just the opposing team. Although the background music is a little flawed it still gets stuck in your head. Honolulu sports film fans should rent this film first.

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