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Tricia's retro film review: Escape from Hell Island

Escape from Hell Island


Escape from Hell Island is the 1963 movie. Captain James helps to smuggle Cuban refugees in his boat. He falls in love with Linda, who happens to be married to a man named Lyle. He gets wind of this and plots to kill James, even though he promises to Linda that he’ll divorce her. James and Lyle plans to go to Bermuda but he pushes James into the water and is able to prevent him from coming back on board. However, James it able to psychologically grind him down. Can James outwit Lyle?

It’s rather boring until the climax when the movie pulls all the stops in order to bring a tense battle of wits. Lyle assumes he has the upper hand until James shows that he can keep his cool in the sea because he’s an experienced captain. The supposed killer is the one who panics and ends up being killed. It’s a shame the rest of the movie isn’t like this since most viewers would have probably changed the channel before the climax. The movie had potential but wasted it. Honolulu film fans should rent this film first.

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