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Tricia's retro film review: Dr. Orloff's Monster

Dr. Orloff's Monster


Dr. Orloff’s Monster is the 1964 horror film. Melissa, whose father, Andros has just died, goes to visit her Uncle Conrad and Aunt Inglud in order to deal with her inheritance. What she doesn’t know is that Dr. Conrad caught her father and Inglud having an affair and he killed him. He revives Andros as a zombie so he can kill “loose” women. However, he can’t hide the truth for long, as Andros has a nasty habit of wandering around. Can Melissa put two and two together and stop her uncle from killing again?

This movie has nothing to do with The Awful Dr. Orloff. In fact, the real title is The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll. The viewer does have to wonder why the distributor needed to do this. Despite that, the movie is decent, if rather disjointed. The screenwriter forgot to connect the subplots together. Also, we should have seen the killing spree earlier and the writer should have given Dr. Conrad a stronger reason for doing it. What could have worked is that he punishes adulterous women using Andros. There is a plot that does work and that is Melissa finding out that her father has become an undead slave. The viewer can really feel for her as she is troubled by the fact that her father is not allowed to rest in peace. When she realizes that she has to mercy kill him only twists the knife further. Although the end takes solace in the fact that he’s grateful for this. The dubbing is pretty good, although some observant fans will notice that the lips don’t match the sounds coming out at times. The dubbing is still well done though. Honolulu horror fans need to rent this film first.

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