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Tricia's retro film review: Crisis



Crisis is the 1946 Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman. Nelly lives in a small town with her mother, Ingeborg. One day, her birth mother, Jenny, comes to take her back. While she’s neutral towards Jenny, she warns up to Jack. Nelly gets into a scandal and soon departs with Jenny. Ingeborg does not take her departure well, even after she visits her. Nelly seems to be doing well, but soon Jack confesses his feelings, which soon leads to tragedy.

This is a pretty good early film from Ingmar Bergman. Interestingly, the film shows that the birth parent may not always be the most suitable to take care of their children. Jenny messes up when she brings Nelly home, and she’s compelled to return to her adopted mother, Ingeborg. It feels like a relief to see Nelly return, as Berman does a good job of showing Ingeborg’s loneliness and anguish. Although the movie ends on a bittersweet not, it doesn’t feel gloomy. Honolulu Ingmar Bergman fans should watch this film.

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