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Tricia's retro film review: Convoy



Convoy is the 1978 action film directed by Sam Peckinpah and based on the novelty song of the same name. Martin “Rubber Duck” Penwald is a truck driver with a group of allies watching his back. He clashes with corrupt sheriff Lyle Wallace, who chases the convoy. They are able to give him a good fight until Spider Mike decides to visit his pregnant wife. He is arrested and put in jail. Rubber Duck tries to rescue him alone but his friends still follow him. Can he save his friend and beat Sheriff Wallace?

While it’s a modern day film, Sam Peckinpah does a good job with it. The governor even compares truck drivers to cowboys, which makes sense since Rubber Duck is like a renegade trucker with a code of honor. It’s a little unusual in that it’s based on a song, but the movie manages to do a good job of it. There’s plenty of action, even though not as many people die as in other Peckinpah movies. The black character, Spider Mike doesn’t die and is successfully rescued, which is refreshing. Honolulu action film fans may want to rent this movie.

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