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Tricia's retro film review: Call Northside 777

Call Northside 777


Call Northside 777 is the 1948 film noir movie starring Jimmy Stewart. He plays reporter P.J. McNeal, who is assigned to answer a classified ad. It turns out it was placed by Tillie Wiecek, whose son, Frank, was sent to prison 11 years ago for killing a cop. She swears he’s innocent, but McNeal is skeptical. However, as he investigates the case, he begins to change his mind. McNeal is met with resistance from the police. It looks like the only way to solve the case is to find Wanda Skutik, a key witness, but she refuses to recant her statement. Is there no hope for Frank?

This is a really good film noir with a surprisingly open ending. McNeal’s change of heart is done slowly, yet believably as he is presented with new evidence. Jimmy Stewart is casted perfectly as McNeal as he has a history of playing people who stand up for the little guy. It is left up in the air what will happen now that Frank is free and his wife has remarried, but the movie still ends on an upbeat note for him. Honolulu film noir fans should buy this movie.

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