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Tricia's retro film review: Boy who caught a Crook

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Boy who caught a Crook


Boy who caught a Crook is the 1961 family film. A young boy and his homeless friend find a briefcase without money. It turns out that it belongs to bank robber Rocky Kent. They turn it to the police and the kid leaves out his friend. However, Rocky is still searching for the money and manages to track down the family. The kid escapes and goes to his friend, but Rocky tracks him down. The colonel says that he took the money, breaking the boy’s heart. However, a few twists in the case will show his true colors.

This is a typical heartwarming family movie with enough intrigue to make it watchable. The sub-plot where the detective and the boy’s mother is genuinely interesting and should have been developed more. The colonel gets the most character development as he is willing to risk his reputation in order to protect the boy. Since this is a 1960’s movie, it is loaded with sentimentality. Viewers who don’t like such blatant sweetness may want to avoid the film. Still, it’s decent, if not completely original. Honolulu film fans should rent this movie first.

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