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Tricia's retro film review: Black Sunday (1977)

Black Sunday


Black Sunday is the 1977 thriller. Michael Lander is a bitter former Navy member who loses everything in a court martial. He decides to get even and uses the Palestinian terrorist group Black September as a tool. However, his partner Dahlia wants to do it to get Americans to understand the plight of the Palestinians. They build a bomb that’s hidden in a Goodyear blimp and plant to striker during the Steelers-Cowboys game. Mossad and the FBI work together to stop the group. The duo are able to sneak past security and launch the flying bomb. Can they be stopped in time?

This isn’t too bad of a movie, although the viewer gets the feeling that Michael doesn’t care about politics and is just using Black September to get back at the people he feels “wronged” him. Most of the good guys are okay, but the Mossad agents are willing to use tactics that almost feels similar to the ones the terrorists would use. Luckily, even though the terrorists are Arabs, they don’t imply that all of them are like this. The climax is spectacular as they use a slow moving chase to great effect. Honolulu thriller fans may want to watch this film.

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