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Tricia's retro film review: Bay of Blood

Bay of Blood


Bay of Blood is the 1971 horror film directed by Mario Bava. Countess Federica refuses to sell the bay because she wants to keep it untouched by development. She is killed by her husband Donati, who is then murdered. The rest of the family decides to fight each other over the land. Unfortunately, a group of innocent teenagers get caught in the crossfire and are killed. With them out of the picture, they start killing each other, with only Albert and Reneta left. But will they get away with their crimes?

What could have been a decent, if unoriginal thriller is dragged down by an incredibly stupid plot twist. The couple is accidentally killed by their kids, who have somehow managed to find a loaded gun and be completely clueless about death. The rest of the movie is generic and suffers from slow pacing. The scenes where the teenagers are killed don’t move the plot and should have been cut. The most interesting part of the movie is Federica’s determination to do what she wants with the bay. It’s violent so viewers who don’t like gore shouldn’t watch this film. Honolulu horror film fans should rent this movie first.

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