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Tricia's retro film review: Baron Blood

Baron Blood


Baron Blood is the 1972 horror film directed by Mario Bava. Peter Kleist comes to Austria and visits the castle of his ancestor, Baron von Kleist, whose cruelty earned him the nickname Baron Blood. He finds a spell that is said to bring the Baron back to life. So he tries it out with his friend Eva. Unfortunately, it turns out that the spell is real and the Baron reclaims his castle. They go to a medium in order to find a way to kill the Baron, but she is cryptic. Can they stop the Baron before he continues his evil?

This movie isn’t too bad. It has a nice twist in that the Baron is able to become fully alive again instead of just staying as a shambling ghost. The ending is nicely creepy as we see the depths of the witch’s hatred as she tells the zombies not to kill him because she wants a crack at torturing him too. Peter does act stupidly when he reads the spell, although it may have been necessary for the story to continue. Still, Honolulu film fans should rent this movie.

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