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Tricia's retro film review: Barbarella

Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy


Barbarella is the 1968 sci-fi film based on the French comic book. Barbarella must find Dr. Durand Durand, inventor of the positronic ray. She lands on a planet in the Tau Ceti system and is kidnapped by children. She meets Professor Ping and Pygar, an ornithanthrope. While the professor repairs her ship, the duo are captured by the Great Tyrant. Barbarella is sentenced to death, but is rescued by Dildano. She joins the resistance in order to find Durand Durand. When she is kidnapped by the Concierge, she finds out who he is. Can Barbarella save the world?

The movie successfully translates the surrealism of European comics onto the big screen. In fact, many viewers may see the film as “camp”, considering that it doesn’t take itself very seriously. There are lots of sexual jokes which are pretty good. The visual style is creative and is influenced a little bit by S&M. Some viewers may see some homoerotic undertones between Barbarella and the Great Tyrant, which may have been intended. Honolulu sci-fi fans should watch this film.

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