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Tricia's retro film review: All Night Long

All Night Long


All Night Long is the 1962 British film based on the Shakespeare play Othello. Aurelius Rex and Delia Lane are a couple celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary. Johnny Cousin wants Delia for his own band. So he decides to use trickery. He gets Cass, the manager, doped up so Rex will have no choice but to send him to rehab. Then he records a conversation between Cass and Delia and edits it so it is implied that they’re having an affair. Rex takes the bait, will he find out the truth before it’s too late?

Shakespeare fans will be pissed off that they gave this adaptation a happy ending. Although to be fair, it came out during a time when people were becoming more sensitive to racial problems. So a storyline where a black man kills a white woman could be seen as a racist stereotype. Although to be fair, it doesn’t end with sunshine and roses, as Rex and Delia have a lot of issues to work out. Not to mention that Cass got hurt. The idea of the Othello play casted as a jazz band drama is a pretty good idea and makes sense, since both white and black people play jazz. It also gives a good excuse to have jazz pieces in the film. The movie seems to make Johnny the focus of the story, as it is his plot that almost leads Rex to ruin. It does have the unfortunate effect of making the other characters seem less important than him. While it’s not a strict adaptation of the play, it manages to capture its spirit pretty well, except for the ending. Ironically, people who don’t like Shakespeare or the implications behind Othello may like this movie. While Honolulu Shakespeare fans should rent it first, everybody else may want to buy it.

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