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Tricia's retro film review: Africa Screams

Africa Screams


Africa Screams is the 1949 comedy starring Abbott and Costello. They play Stanley Livington and Buzz Johnson. Buzz tries to pass Stanley off as a great explorer. A woman named Diana has hired them to recreate a map from a book for an African safari. When they get there, they find out that the team is searching for diamonds. The duo try to make sure that their con job is not revealed when they are kidnapped by cannibals and are rescued by a gorilla. What will happen when all of these groups collide in a fateful meeting?

The movie is okay, even if it is your typical depiction of Africa as “The Dark Continent.” The opening is memorable as Stanley tries to tame a cute little gray tabby kitten using a whip, but is afraid of it. There are some stereotypes as they show African cannibals and no modern cities. Interestingly, it’s able to handle several plot twists without getting confusing. It is nice to see Stanley get the last laugh after Buzz leaves him high and dry. Even the special effects are pretty good. Honolulu Abbott and Costello fans may want to watch this movie.

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