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Tribeca Film Festival Short: The Ride gives a student more than he bargained for

Anthony LaPagia and Ed Speleers star in The Ride, a film short thriller, playing now at the Tribeca Film Festival (and also available for free online viewing)
Anthony LaPagia and Ed Speleers star in The Ride, a film short thriller, playing now at the Tribeca Film Festival (and also available for free online viewing)
Jennie Hill/Corner Table Productions Ltd.

The Ride


Fans of U.S. television’s Without a Trace will enjoy The Ride,as it gives a unique opportunity to watch Anthony LaPagia in a villainous role, as a stranger giving a lift to a student hitchhiking back to University at the start of the Australian spring term.

As they head off together through the desolate Australian back country, the student discovers that this stranger seemed friendly at first, but soon begins to espouse uncomfortable and racist leanings. To make matters worse, they then have a terrifying encounter with an immigrant Chinese worker who they come upon walking along the deserted road.

This film short also stars Ed Speleers, as the frightened student, and Emer Kenny as his University girlfriend.

Four out of five stars. The Ride is an entertaining thriller, with short bursts of unexpected dilemmas with a decent, surprise ending. Director and screenwriter Marion Pilowsky does a good job of keeping the action coming, and the dialogue sparse but effective, in a film that only spans 10 minutes.

The Ride is playing at the Tribeca Film Festival tomorrow, Thursday, April 28 at 3:30 p.m. at the Chelsea Cinemas 3. Connecticut residents should note that this short film is also available for free viewing online thru the Tribeca Film Festival Streaming Room. Go here for the full schedule.

The Tribeca Film Festival is an entertaining and highly diverse film festival – which is only a short train ride away on the MetroNorth New Haven line – and offers Connecticut residents an incredible variety of new films to watch, close to home – from full length features to documentaries to short films from all over the world – as well as film panels with screenwriters, directors and actors, and a host of special events. It is worth going into Manhattan and enjoying this festival; most of the films are interesting and buzz worthy.

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