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Trial by Fire deals with incest and arson

Trial by Fire deals with incest and arson.
Trial by Fire deals with incest and arson.
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“Trial by Fire” by Cara Putman


“Trial by Fire” by Cara Putman is a clean Christian romantic suspense novel set in Lincoln NB. Tricia Jamison is a public defender. Noah Brust is a fireman she defended in a previous suit. They each have reasons not to trust each other, but fate is pushing them back together as fires break out at Tricia’s mother’s house and her brother’s garage.

Tricia is also representing Linda, a battered wife. Linda married Tricia’s old boyfriend, the one who beat and raped her, too. Linda wants to back out of the trial, but Tricia can’t let her do that. Tricia’s own secrets, about this boyfriend and what her step father did to her as a child, have held her prisoner in her own heart for long enough. The secret has placed a wedge between her and her mother and brother. She finds that letting the secret come out in the open gives her a sense of freedom from her past, heals the old hurts and paves the way to a better future.

The author does a good job of showing the emotional turmoil that abuse produces. The writing flows pretty well, although the dialogue can be a bit stilted and too formal at times. The plot has several twists and turns, and is solved by being observant and intelligent.

It is a clean read with just a few kisses. The confessions of rape and incest are tastefully stated.

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ISBN 13: 978-0-373-44359-8

$5.50 paperback