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Travis Breeding - an inspirational example of success through challenges

I Am A Child, Just Like You
I Am A Child, Just Like You
Travis Breeding

I Am A Child, Just Like You


Travis Breeding is an author and a speaker who lives in Indiana.

He was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when he was twenty two. He grew up knowing he was different from other kids - without understanding why.

He grew up to become someone who after receiving this diagnosis as a young adult, is now passionate about sharing with people what is going on inside the head of a child who thinks and feels things differently.

I became aware of Travis via Facebook where we have a friend in common. He and I became friends and I have read his posts for nearly a year. I have been fascinated by his honesty and his willingness to share his thoughts freely.

For those of us who are raising kids with any type of challenges, there is a common wish, "If I only knew what he/she was thinking, maybe I could offer more effective help." Travis is a friend and a resource to gain insight into the thoughts of my own son.

Today Travis posted a status update informing his Facebook friends that his book "I am a child: Just Like You" is now available in iTunes. I have a very deep appreciation for Travis and the fact that his path has been a steady uphill climb. As my son faces an uphill climb of his own, I wish to hold Travis Breeding up as a shiny bright example of where hard work and gritty determination can take him no matter what kind of obstacles may lie ahead.

I purchased Travis Breeding's book from iTunes this evening and found it to be illustrated with brightly colored pictures and filled with the message, "I am different, but we are both alike".

Travis is passionate about his desire to educate parents on what their kids, teens and young adults are feeling. He is uniquely qualified as well as very articulate about explaining the struggles and difficult times kids with learning difficulties of all types face.

I enjoyed this book very much and would highly recommend it to anyone raising a child who "is different, yet alike" and for classrooms with an autistic student in the mix.

The book is in iTunes and is available in paperback via his website: and on Lulu. If you have any questions for Travis, he can be found on Facebook or contact him via Email -

Travis gives me hope for my son's future. It is difficult to grow up being different yet desperately wanting to fit in. While Gilbert seems like a compassionate place for special needs kids to "dry their angel wings and learn to fly", my own Gilbert teen attends a private school in Scottsdale where all of the kids are a little bit different. This school has created a space where hopefully my own son can grow up to become a shining example of success through challenges just like Travis.