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Travel back in time to save literature in Freedom Force

Freedom Force


Animated films are a dime a dozen these days with them not only getting the big budget treatment, but also a decent amount coming straight to video. Those that come straight to video don’t always deliver but every so often one pops up to surprise audiences. The latest, Freedom Force, comes features the voice talents of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christopher Lloyd, but does it have deliver anything to help it stand out?

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Freedom Force follows a group of kids with special powers and their trusted dog are sent back in time on a mission to restore the famous stories and their place in history as the mad President and Minister of Cultural Affairs are trying to change them. They face many obstacles setting the history straight and not mixing up anything as they go. While the animation here is decent enough it still falls pretty short from being good. It feels more like an old video game than anything else. The voice work works fine for the characters, but nothing that couldn’t have been done by just about anyone. The real issue here is the story itself. There was an attempt at some clever direction for the adventure, but it makes little to no sense in execution. Sure this film is a cartoon and you let a lot of things go, but with no explanation and so many different ways this story could have been executed it just doesn’t work.

This was clearly geared towards the younger audience and most of them will probably enjoy it, but it will fail to capture any age over 10 if that. The upside is that it does include some aspects of education and sports the family approved seal from the Dove Foundation guaranteeing it a perfect choice for families, schools, churches and any other place that are forced to put restrictions on viewing. This film may not be breaking any molds, but it does at least create more content for all ages.