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'Transubstantiation' kicks philosophy, martial arts and love together

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Normally, I try to stay away from reviewing books that have grammar and word choice errors. It does a disservice to the author, and as an editor, I tend to take the English language, and how it looks in books, pretty seriously, which means that I am overly critical about things that wouldn’t bother others.

However, in the case of Darren Lamb’s Transubstantiation, I would be doing everyone else a disservice. This is one of the best stories that I have ever read. Lamb writes great action sequences, gets to the heart of philosophical matters with ease, and creates living characters that the reader can only hope to spend more time with.

Transubstantiation allows the reader to feel the texture martial arts, Buddhism and vigilantism while also allowing the reader to enjoy the characters who make up the story. It is a lot like Mindwalk but with violence.

Even if a sentence like “…much smarter that I… or “Who is this “I” you say that could perceiving my thumb…” bothers you, you should still not deprive yourself of this unlikely story of redemption, love and salvation. Transubstantiation deserves a place on your summer reading list, and you deserve to treat yourself to the story. I expect that when a second run is printed and the errors are removed, the book will merit five stars. As it stands, it merits four.