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Transformers invade Lexington, Kentucky

Transformers:Age of Extinction


A long time ago, supreme beings known as Creators detonate seed pods made of a special metal all over the earth and destroys all life. Years pass, and a geologist by the name of Darcy discovers a unique corpse of a dinosaur which is covered with this special metal detonated by the Creators.

The Battle of Chicago has been over for five years. A struggling inventor, Cade Yeager, and his friend by the name of Lucas, buy an old used truck so that they can strip it for parts to put his daughter through college. Mr. Yeager soon discovers that this old used truck is Optimus Prime. Mr. Yeager notices that Optimus Prime is injured from the battle in Chicago. He then proceeds to repair his injuries. Cemetery Wind is an elite CIA unit that is headed by a paranoid agent by the name of Harold Attinger. He has the wonderful task of hunting down the rest of the Decepticons. that are left here on earth. What everyone doesn't know is that he hunts down Decepticons and Autobots. Both Attinger and a bounty hunter named Lockdown secretly hunt down and brutally kill Ratchet. The unit finds out the Optimus Prime is in Texas and they travel there and threaten Cade, his daughter Tessa, and Lucas. Just then, Optimus comes out of hiding in the barn and attacks the operatives, which allows all of the family to escape as well as his friend. Then, Tessa's secret boyfriend comes out of hiding and saves them from the CIA operatives. However, a tradegy occurs. Lucas is killed by one of Lockdown's grenades. Optimus then proceeds to rally the remaining Autobots: Hound, Drift, Crosshairs and Bumblebee. Cade then hacks into a flying drone that he keeps after the attack on his home and he then finds out that KSI has played a role in Cemetery Wind and their raid on his house in Texas. Cade and Optimus then decide to attempt to infiltrate KSI's headquarters to see what they can actually find out about their plans.

The head of KSI, Joshua Joyce, then shows his co-worker, Darcy that he has in fact perfected the molecularly unstable metal known as transformium. This metal is what the Transformers are made out of. He then shows Darcy Galvatron which was created by Megatron's head. What he doesn't know is that Megatron has fed them the information that he wanted them to know so he can once more be reborn to take his revenge out on Optimus Prime.

Cade then infiltrates the KSI facility and find them melting down Optimus' friend Ratchet. This infuriates Optimus and all of the other Autobots. They storm the KSI facility, which breaks brains out, and they then proceed to destroy the facility. Joshua then stops all of the unit and tells all of them that they do not need the Transformers any longer, that they now can produce Transformers by themselves. Optimus doesn't know that he in fact is being hunted down by a bounty hunter that wants his head for the Creators. Cade then calls Joshua and warns him that his creation, Galvatron, is in fact the evil Megatron. He tells him that Megatron wants the seed unleashed.

Joshua and his associate Su Yueming then travels to Beijing. Galvatron then corrupts all of the other prototype Tranformer drones and then activates himself to try and take over everything. Optimus then pulls his sword and asks that all of the other prisoners on Lockdown's ship accept him as their leader because he needs their help. At first, they put up a fight but then they accept Optimus as their leader. He tames the Dinobots and then destroys Galvatron's army. Lockdown then attempts to capture Optimus and the Dinobots with a magnet but is unsuccessful. Optimus then sacrifices himself to keep Lockdown from killing Cade. Lockdown then stabs Optimus and injuries him with a huge sword. Bumblebee distracts Lockdown long enough for Tessa and Shane to pull the sword out of Optimus. Optimus then stabs Lockdown and tears his head into. Galvatron then retreats from the battle as he vows to battle Optimus on another day. Optimus sets the Dinobots free and then proceeds to fly into space with the seed that Lockdown left on earth for Joshua and the CIA unit. Optimus then sends the Creators a message that they are to leave earth alone, he leaves the Autobots there and then proceeds to make his way into space so that he can hunt down the Creators to keep this from happening again.

This movie critic give this movie a 5 star review. I absolutely loved it. The plot was superb, the special effects were awesome and the cast all done a magnificent job. My movie hat is off again to Hollywood. You guys make me proud once again.