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'Transformers: Beast Machines The Complete Series' - DVD Review

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Transformers: Beast Machines-The Complete Series


The Beast Wars are over and the Maximals along with Optimus Primal are back on their home planet of Cybertron. As they arrive gone they notice the streets are cleared and the Vehicons are the ones patrolling them. They are following Megatron who had escaped from his captivity. The Maximals learn they have been infected by a virus and only have hours to live. The mysterious Oracle helps the Maximals and they are once again fit to continue the adventure against Megatron.

The Maximals are a perfect blend of organic and technological matter. They will eventually learn to keep an equal balance. The Maximals and Optimus Primal will eventually take on Megatron and the Vehicons to retake their planet if Cybertron. In doing so you will see some of the best action pieces of the Transformers.

This series has been called many things but what comes up most is that it is one of the darker of the Transformer series. You don't have some of the light hearted banter as seen in other series. This is a down to earth straight forward group of episodes. It is also however one of its best.

ShoutFactory is responsible for this DVD set that will be available on September 2, 2014. The quality of the DVD's are exquisite. The sound and visual are quite extraordinary and very enjoyable. The philosophic approach that the series took does bring one to look at the Maximals and Optimus Primal in new ways. You actually get to think that you are getting to know them.

So don't waste any time and put this set into your personal library and watch the 'Transformers, Beast Machines' for many years to come.