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Transformers: Age of Extinction - Review - Autobots Lockdown with Grimlock

Lockdown battles Optimus Prime and the fellow Autobots!
Lockdown battles Optimus Prime and the fellow Autobots!

Transformers: Age of Extinction


Transform and roll out to the theaters! Why you may ask and the answer is simple. The summer of 2014 has not offered anything this exciting since the second week of May. Transformers: Age of Extinction is here ready to thrash metal parts around till the enemies are defeated. Finally the theaters will provide an exciting movie worth the time since X-Men: Days of a Future Past.

The fourth installment to the Transformers series packs plenty of punch, yet if you are familiar with the series, it will be exciting and a bit mindless at times. A new cast and redesigns along with a new villain will certainly add some surprise, but the action continues to be intense with plenty of explosions, or as the crybabies tag it as ‘Bay-plosions’, dashed with an overall change to the series. Mark Wahlberg, Lockdown, Dinobots... Oh my! Yeah, get ready for the fourth installment in the Transformers series!

First of all, the new cast hops on to ride out the action with Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee. Mark Wahlberg stars as the Cade Yeager, who helps lead the humans towards working with Optimus and company. Nicola Peltz plays Cade’s daughter, Tessa. Her ‘boy toy’ in the film is on screen due to Jack Reynor as Shane Dyson. Stanley Tucci gives a nice touch to the film as Joshua Joyce, who happens to manufactures his own line of Transformers. The best part about Tucci is that to almost every film he appears in, he happens to provide the perfect touch and again in the fourth installment to the Transformers series, he does quite that. Rounding out the cast is Kelsey Grammer as Harold Attinger.

Age of Extinction refrains from bringing us more of Sam Witwicky and his problems and instead gives us a bit more of an adultish struggle. Wahlberg’s Yeager is a struggling single parent vying for every last hunk of metal to help get his daughter through college. Though more importantly, the conflict between the father and daughter appears very real thanks to Wahlberg’s ability to display urgency. Another nice piece to the film is Nicola Peltz as Tessa is a nice additive to the film and change from the typical damsel in distress.

The Transformers roll out as they always have and always will. With Megatron, Starscream, The Fallen, Sentinal Prime, and Shockwave out of the picture, who is next to cross off the list? The answer to that is Lockdown. The latest Decepticon to add quite the spark and ravenous fear, but can’t give away too much! Also making their first on screen appearance is the Dinobots! If you haven’t seen in the trailers or posters for the film, let’s just say Optimus Prime rides Grimlock!

The story of the entire film continues in a post Battle of Chicago era. Transformers are being hunted down and destroyed. Meanwhile companies are now looking to transformer their own robots into replicas for personal use. Harold Attinger plays a devious government official, yes another human interest perspective, but not necessarily the main focus. With Lockdown serving as the main antagonist, the Autobots have their hands full, but including Dinobots and the mix is children’s dreams come true on the big screen.

Transformers: Age of Extinction continues to carry the high octane battles of the previous three while mixing a big of oddities in this feature. The fourth outing is nowhere near what the original in the series gave moviegoers, but does provide a better feel and story than Revenge of the Fallen. Despite the length clocking in near three hours and different track for the film’s overall perspective, Transformers: Age of Extinction garners a 3 out of 5!