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Transform your shoebox-sized apartment

Book review for small apartment hacks by Jenna Mahoney
Courtesy of Ulysses Press

small apartment hacks: 101 ingenious diy solutions for living, organizing and entertaining


We are told, ‘Nearly 25 million people live in apartments in the United States. That’s a lot of people with not a lot of living space.’

small apartment hacks—a new book by Jenna Mahoney—wants to be your go-to guide for transforming your tiny, shoebox apartment into a welcoming, delightful, adorable abode.

A small book about small apartments with big information. Author Mahoney put a lot of thought into this little book and probably a lot of practical experience. Written in short, concise paragraphs it tackles much about apartment territory.

Of course the very first step (Part One,) and the one hardest to deal with, (and mentioned again later in “furniture”) is how to declutter. A painful and time-consuming process for sure with all the stuff we accumulate but it must be done.

Throughout the book, Mahoney slips in offset paragraphs on somewhat related ideas every few pages or so; ideas such as:

  • Steps to measure a room
  • A checklist for a First Aid Kit
  • Three steps to host a swap party
  • Three steps to make a bed
  • Overnight guests and more…

In Part Two, Mahoney details such things as décor and how to make it double-duty, how to accessorize, feng shui basics, and room-by-room solutions.

Part Three is devoted to entertaining and offers such tid-bits as overnight guest ideas, how to prep the bathroom, set a bar, have a signature scent and more. Following that is a glossary of terms, an index, and the details of book work.

small apartment hacks shows you how to take advantage of every nook and cranny with endless tips and ideas, including how to shop for second-hand furniture, tricks for dealing with a messy roommate, how to host a swap party, the secret to creating a sweet gallery wall, and 15 ideas for re-purposing common household items.

The only really great addition in our humble opinion, would be to have illustrative photographs, and that’s why this gets four stars instead of five. But it's a great gift for someone who is moving or downsizing, and good information to small room designers as well.

small apartment hacks: 101 ingenious diy solutions for living, organizing and entertaining, by Jenna Mahoney. Ulysses Press, ISBN: 978-1-61234-231-1. Retails for $12.95 in hardcover.

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