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Trailsend Restaurant Walt Disney World Resort review

Trailsend Restaurant Walt Disney World Resort


The Trailsend Restaurant is located in the Walt Disney World Resort's Fort Wilderness Campground.

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Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

We visited the Trailsend Restaurant for a relaxing lunch on a Friday afternoon. Although the restaurant host a buffet during the breakfast and dinner hours, lunch is served a`la carte by menu. The menu based lunch meal was a surprise as we expected a buffet.

The price of each meal was less expensive than a buffet or family style meal. The price is equivalent to that of popular chain restaurants.

The menu offered a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, entrees and desserts. The was a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and beer.

The Children's menu featured several choices for lunch. The menu was somewhat limited. A child's beverage and dessert was included in the meal. The Walt Disney Resort has integrated a healthier menu for children. Soda pop and french fries are available as substitutes upon request.

My child chose a typical children's meal. It was chicken nuggets served with french fries. The fries may be exchanged for a fruit or vegetable. The restaurant also offers sweet potato french fries. He had an icecream sundae just the perfect size for a youngster for dessert.

My spouse wanted to try something a little different. Our waiter shared a couple of popular dishes and a few favorites. He chose a PoBoy sandwhich accompanied by french fries that were half sweet potato and half regular potatoes. The shrimp Poboy was served on a buttermilk biscuit with a approximately an inch long tasso ham slices including a country slaw in place of condiments and accompanied by a barnaise oli sauce for dipping.

I was torn between two meals. Our server informed me that the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich was extremely popular. However, my second preference was a dish that I have personally found to be odd, yet, intriguing at this location. The popular Chicken and Waffles.

I chose the chicken and waffles even though I do not understand the fad. The chicken tenders were dipped in buttermilk and was incredibly tender, the sweet potato waffles were crispy grilled to perfection. The dish was accompanied by a buttered rosemary maple syrup.

Each meal was served at a great temperature. The adult meals had an interesting and appealing presentation.

The beverages were served in Ball canning jars. The theme of the restaurant and campground definitely followed through in both the restaurant and meals.

The children's meal was perfectly portioned. My child was pleased with the quantity of the chicken and the french fries were in abundance. Although they had a nice flavor, he didn't finish the meal. The following dessert was a one scoop vanilla based ice cream sundae.

The Shrimp PoBoy meal was surprisingly filling as well. Each battered and fried shrimp were large and similar to the size of a butterfly shrimp. The shrimp had an excellent and flavorful taste. My spouse was full and did not finish his meal.

I was pleased with the texture and taste of the exquisite sweet potato waffles. The chicken was excellent as well. The combination of the sweet potato waffle with tender chicken and such an interesting rosemary butter and maple syrup was excellent. I'm truly surprised that I enjoyed chicken and waffles! I made sure to finish my meal.

My spouse and I shared the southern. banana cream pie dessert. Our server surprisingly equally split the dessert in our own small canning jars. The presentation was theme fitting. A pie crust was dipped into the pie jar. The pie was topped with a toasted marshmellows and strategically placed over pie christ.

Our server was a lovely gentleman. He made sure that his guest were pleased. He spent time connecting with our child. He made sure that everyone enjoyed the meal. Our server, Ed was wonderful! I made sure to leave a compliment as our service was excellent!

The location had a great theme. There was a taxidermy Buffalo head and a grizzly bear. The restaurant was in the middle of the western themed " town main street," near shopping, carriage rides, beach, playground and a variety of entertainment!

We give this a restaurant a thumbs up!

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