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'Tracie Long Longevity Series: Defining Shape' - DVD Review

Tracie Long Longevity Series: Defining Shape
Shelter Island

'Tracie Long Longevity Series: Defining Shape'


Tracie Long has been a fitness trainer for some 25 years. At the age of 46, she is actively trying to help and shape women of the age of 35 and older to have stronger leaner bodies. She is a native of Virginia and it was her father who got her started in the business. Tracie had been at college and when she came home her father a former college football player at Va. Tech noticed she was a little thin. The truth was she had been starving herself to look better. It was through his tough love that she would eventually get eating and exercising correctly. She would later change majors to Exercise Science. She currently resides in Charleston S.C. with her husband and children. She runs Long Training Studios.

The Longevity Series DVDs is a 6 part program on the caring of your body through weights, steps, medicine ball, and aerobics. The first DVD is Defining Shape. It entails using weights through a functional strength training program that will work on upper and lower body parts to make a leaner you. Women this is a medium to heavy workout and Tracie takes you through each and every step. Men you can get into this to as it works your body also to bring about a leaner you. This is not a bulk up form of exercise. This DVD also comes with two extra workouts dealing with Below the Belt, and Hour Glass.

This DVD is the first of six. So if you were to incorporate this DVD with say another one or two per day or every other day it will make a leaner you. The quality of the of the DVD is excellent. The visuals and sound are great. The set is a brick wall background with palms at the side. The background music is Techno and is at an acceptable level to hear Tracie give clear directions to each exercise.

This is worth getting ladies, and you to guys. Tracie Long will get you into great shape and feeling fantastic. Shelter Island is bringing you this DVD today and it was just released on April 8, 2014.