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Traci Braxton's debut solo single "Last Call"

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Last Call (single) by Traci Braxton


Most P. K.'s (preacher's kids) have good voices according to black church folklore. Traci Braxton is no exception to that rule. A member of the talented Braxton family and hailing from Severn, Maryland, she is now emerging as a solo artist with her debut single "Last Call."

In the sizzling track, she sings "It's my last call for loving. I'm so tired of the pain so it's my last call." Listeners will be mesmerized with the silky, slow jam where the songstress makes a declaration of independence from pointless relationships that induce more headache than happiness.

The track carries a mid-tempo trap beat in the background that flows perfectly alongside Braxton's honey-coated but passionate vocal performance. "So why is it so different when it comes to me. How many more times can I believe. Before I let go of the fantasy. Sometimes I think that I just need to breathe," she protests.

Her voice is soulful and pure. As a seasoned vocalist, she has no need to "oversing" like some divas of the industry today. As a mature woman, she didn't feel the need to target teeny boppers but the song is very mainstream radio-friendly R&B.

Traci is coming into R&B at a time where the genre is fading. This new track reminds us that there are pure R&B and Hip Hop artists out there making worthwhile music.

Traci is a regular cast member on the WeTV hit reality series, Braxton Family Values with her mom and sisters. For fans around the globe, we hope that this is not Traci's last call as an artist but only the beginning and we can't wait for her debut set, "Crash and Burn" due out this fall.