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TRACE Doctor Who fan film

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TRACE a Doctor Who fan film


Today, I have a mini-review for the "Doctor Who" Fan Film entitled "T.R.A.C.E.", by Johnny Wu. The temporary link I had to get more information on cast and crew was altered, so I won't be able to get into detail on that, but since this fan film short isn’t even out yet, and I had the honor of viewing it ahead of time, it should be a short review, as to not give away too much. In fact, I am going to word things so you have to see it in order to fully understand it.

TRACE definitely deals with the Doctor, and I won’t tell you which one, although it is an obvious and well done one, believe you me. I was impressed with what I saw. What I can say is that the focus is on this being a potential tie-in to a larger story, has lots of martial arts without affecting the Doctor’s reputation, and more. The Doctor uses guns, but doesn’t.....???? What did I just say? How can this be, especially without ruining this one trait of the Doctor’s reputation? Surprisingly enough, it can and is done, and I salute Johnny for finally showing that the Doctor allows for some common sense . Now, don’t go crying “Spoilers”….because I didn’t, at least not quite.

Special effects are integrated to the martial arts scenes, which is something Johnny has traditionally strived to incorporate over the years, if memory serves. I believe it is key to the characters he developed in this fan universe. In fact, I would say that his stunt and martial arts access should be used by all productions in need of an edge on all their fight and stunt scenes. I can’t imagine he’d charge Hollywood prices, but you’d get Hollywood quality.

The production quality is quite good, and cinematic, with music by his longtime composer, who always does a fantastic job, and even keeps to a Doctor Who theme. Camera work keeps up with characters and the set was a decent location for much of the shoot. Mind you, this is only a short fan film, at only 5 minutes. The cuts and dialogue were great, and above average. I give thumbs up, and only have one slight issue with the whole film….like any Doctor Who episode, it keeps you wanting more!

Best, Kenny