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Tousey House Tavern - Southern Cooking Done Right

Tousey House Tavern


Grilled citrus chicken, fried green tomatoes, chicken salad, and a menu option that was removed recently, the peach glazed chicken sandwich are some of my favorites.

Enjoy these amazing menu options in a beautiful renovated historic home located in the heart of downtown Burlington. Erastus Tousey and his wife had owned this building many moons ago, one rumor that a waitress shared with me is that the home was used during the Underground Railroad. The restaurant has two floors for dining, I've only been on the first floor where the bar is, as well as two patios, and one of my favorite spots that I've ever been in a restaurant. A dining room that feels like I'm stepping in the Victorian era with a beautiful fireplace. When I'm here I feel like I'm stepping back into the past and taking a bite out of history.

Here's a breakdown of the menu options I have tried:

Firstly my most goofy restaurant recommendation. Coca-Cola. You can't enjoy southern-style cooking without a ice cold soda to scarf down the juicy fried chicken that you'll have the pleasure of chewing down on.

Now that I've got that off my chest, let's review one of my favorite options. Grilled citrus chicken. I felt like I overlooked this menu option because the citrus nearly scared me off from trying it. I thought to myself, "Fruit and chicken? That sounds repulsive." Then it came to my attention that the orange chicken at nearly every Asian restaurant I've ever been in has offered this. Except that this chicken is better. It's not the odd crunchy skeptical mystery meat chicken at Asian restaurants at the mall. It's good ol' Kentucky chicken and let me tell you, it's probably the most juiciest chicken I've ever had. I nearly felt it would explode in my face from how juicy it was. (Maybe I'm over exaggerating a bit, or maybe I'm not...)

Chicken so good you have to go and bring your momma and old granny in to try some? You betcha. I tried the family-style fried chicken ALONE. After telling them about how amazing it was, they still didn't come. Maybe I'm just going to have to pick them up, sit them in a chair, and let the chefs blow their minds. I'm still wondering why KFC is still in business. Just kidding, Kernel Sanders you can never be replaced!

Peach glazed chicken sandwich, where art thou? I miss thee. After looking at the menu on my most recent visit -- I'm pondering on what made the owners eliminate the funky combination of peach goodness and poultry. It was quite possibly one of the most creative culinary masterpieces that I've ever had the luxury of holding in my hands. Reintroduce it with a twist that I've tried at another tavern, zucchini fries. That alone would blow anyone's socks off into the crevices of space.

I can't cook this southern classic at home no matter how hard I try. Fried green tomatoes. Maybe it's because I'm not from the south or I'm just awful at frying things. My great-grandfather Dewey introduced me to the concept of fried green tomatoes, Tousey allowed me to experience the flavor intended to me. My fried green tomatoes = awful mess. Tousey House tomatoes = delicious. Folks I'm just going to have to let you try this for yourselves, however you expect fried tomatoes to taste, that's nearly what they'll be.

House caesar salad was above average. It was better than Wendy's offering, but not quite as good as a higher end dining establishment. No need to explain Caesar salads, you've probably had countless.

Chicken salad with my cousin? Was it good or bad? In between. Not as good as my aunt Gail's homemade chicken salad, but better than that funky stuff in a can that you can get at the grocery store. Well maybe it's going to be amazing to someone who hasn't had Gail's chicken salad which is exclusively limited to about ten people. The general population will enjoy the chicken salad. BONUS: It also comes with fruit!

I've never braved the courage of shelling out nearly $10 for one of their desserts, but from what everyone I know that's tried them, from what I hear they are scrumptious.

I haven't been to Tousey House in quite some time, so they may have added, modified, or eliminated menu items (For the sake of Erastus, please being back the peach glazed chicken sandwich!) Would I recommend THT to a friend? Of course. Would I recommend THT to my neighbor? Of course. Would I recommend THT to my childhood dog Joe Joe? Of course, that beast eats anything.

Go just go! It's not my favorite place to eat, but it's at the top of my list for southern style cooking.

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