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Toto And Michael McDonald At The Greek Theatre: Review

Toto and Michael McDonald Concert


3 weeks ago the one and only, almighty, Steve Lukather played at the Greek Theatre with Ringo's All Star band. In the audience were Steve Porcaro, David Paich, and Joseph Williams from Toto, singing their own songs performed by a Beatle and their bandmate.

Steve Lukather
Alex Kluft

Today these guys get back together on the very same stage sharing the bill with Michael McDonald.
As the announcer said, "You would need a huge track to fit all the Grammys all these artists performing tonight have." The guys had a good balance between playing rare songs for true fans and the ones the general audience would expect.
At 7:30, Shannon Forrest (Dukes Of September) starts a drum intro while the band walks on stage before they start rocking a medley of On The Run (a song only released on a besides album called XX) a short riff of "Child's Anthem", and "Goodbye Eleanor." First radio hit of the night, Rosanna, followed by another treat, "Hydra".

Michael McDonald jumps on stage during "Ill be over you" to help with the vocals right before Luke almost sets the whole place and Griffith Park on fire while closing the song with an out of this world solo.
Groove keeps coming with "Pamela", good chance to mention the amazing job Joseph Williams did on vocals. Next, Luke switched to an acoustic to keep showing off with "99", not before finally explaining the title of this song is about a new sex position (not in the karmasutra) that Paich found with his wife in the 80's. On this same song, the original bass player, David Hungate, got a spotlight for a short but tasteful bass solo. Great to having a chance to see him performing again. Once again David paich and Steve Porcaro were complimenting each other as no one else can. Lastly with Toto's new drummer Keith Carlock on tour with Steely Dan, the band recruited the hottest drummer in Nashville today Shannon Forrest, whose playing is an exact replica of the great Jeff Porcaro

More rarely played live songs like "The Muse" and "White Sister", right before a missed classic on these last years... "Georgy Porgy". The set came to a high energy end with "Home Of The Brave" and 2 of their biggest hits. "Africa" and "Hold The Line". It was amazing show, leaving the crowd wanting more.

Review: Alan Sosa

It was a cool Thursday night when Toto and Michael McDonald shared the stage at the historic Los Angeles Greek Theatre. Toto had completed their 1 hour 20 minute set followed by an intermission. Michael McDonald then took the stage with his band. His voice was a little rough around the edges the first couple of the songs. You also couldn’t hear his singing when he would sing further away from the microphone. The band should have sounded louder, but the mix was extremely low.

The night was full of Doobie Brothers classics like “Minute By Minute”, “What A Fool Believes”, “Here To Love You”, and newer funk take on “It Keeps You Runnin’”. It also great to see him perform his solo hits “I Keep Forgettin’”, “Sweet Freedom” and “Ya Mo Be There”. He also payed homage to Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell with the classics “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing Baby”.

The greatest highlight of Michael McDonald’s set was the encore when he brought out Toto’s Steve Lukather, David Paich, and Joseph Williams for a performance of “Change The World”, co-written by his bassist Tommy Sims, followed by a medley of Steve Wonder: “You Haven’t Done Nothin’”/“Superstition”. The night finally drew to a close with a great performance of “Takin’ It To The Streets” featuring Toto’s singers. The encore overall was a great jam to end the show.

Overall, the set was decent, not great. From what I heard Michael McDonald had been under the weather so his voice was not up to par as it usually is, but his keyboard skills are top notch regardless. It took him a few songs to get into the groove despite his condition. On a side note, Mike sounded great singing “I’ll Be Over You” with Toto during their set. Luckily at the end he let other singers carry the energy to end on a strong note.

Review: Luis Echeverria

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