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Top Eleven - Soccer (Football) Management Sim - Are You Ready for Some Futbol???

Top Eleven is a Management Simulations Soccer Game!
Top Eleven is a Management Simulations Soccer Game!

Top Eleven Game for Android or ITunes


What does an unemployed soccer fan do on a daily basis besides start fights or fall off balconies? Play Top Eleven! That’s what he or SHE does right? Come on now there’s some unemployed female sports game fanatics out there right? Right…whatever just like all those female science fiction writers. OK. Stop rolling your eyes. That’s not very polite.

So Top Eleven? Let’s get something straight here. It’s a management simulation soccer game where you get to manage your team to glorious glory. It’s not like EA’s FIFA series (09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 we know they’re all the same) where you have to actually PLAY the game. It’s more like a Text Based Real Time Strategy meets Sim City for soccer or football for all my Euro Fans and futbol (Gooooooooooooooooal!) for my Spanish contingency!

Best part about the game. It’s FREE! F-R-E-E! (Insert your own cheap joke here). Go download it via Google Play or ITunes. You play it right on your phone. If you link your Facebook account, not only will the government know you play Top Eleven, you will also gain access to the game via a PC at the website. BTW…You can make in game purchases, but it is definitely not necessary to enjoy this wonderful game made by Nordeus.

So what makes it so great? Simple. It’s you building a goon squad of a soccer team and playing against millions of other live managers. You start with a full team of nearly 21 players in League Level 1. You’ll be matched up against thirteen other similarly talented teams. Depending on when you join, you may already be eligible for Champions League and Cup play. This means you might be playing in three leagues simultaneously! Awesome!

One “season” of the game lasts thirty real days. The new “season” generally starts on the first of the month (like your welfare check), but you can join anytime as the game will just assign you to a vacant “bot” team. Within that season you’ll have 26 League matches (or fixtures). If you've qualified for Champions or Cup play you’ll have anywhere from one to three games to manage depending on what Round you’re in (Pre-Lims, Playoffs, Knockout, etc.). The matches (fixtures) play whether you have the app running or not. You can “watch” and manage the game live and make substitutions, change formations, and even gain bonuses. It’s not always necessary (since you might actually have a life) but admittedly, it is very exciting to log in and tickle the voyeur in you and watch your team battle it out!

In between games, you set your line up and manage your team from the players, to finances, and even building a better stadium. You can build a better parking lot, medical facilities, concessions, and even a youth camp which will give you younger players in a specified time! You can also customize your jersey and emblem. Other cosmetics can be purchased if you’re willing to spend the money. Either way, it does not take away from the spirit of the game.

As you progress, you will gain a bigger budget which will allow you to bid on better quality players on an open bidding market. Your mid-fielder totally sucks and is the opposite of David Beckham? Replace him! Your players can be sold at any time (of course assuming that somebody wants to buy his sorry butt!).

When the “season” ends, the top seven in your league will advance to the next level and the season begins again. There are varying reports about the amount of league levels. Some forums claim you can reach Level 45. Seriously, if you’re a Level 45 Top Eleven Player (Elf, Human, or Troll), email me and then go get something to eat! Sheesh! Other sites say it maxes out at level 25. Always believe what you read on the internet right?

Bottom line, Top Eleven is a fantastic game. It combines simulation management with exciting soccer. It’s been downloaded over 10 million times! Give it a try. It certainly beats flappy grandma or flappy finger turkey. Ok so there's really no flappy finger turkey. But there should be right?? So disappointing!

Seriously, you may like Top Eleven even if you only like simulation management. Either way, I doubt you will be disappointed. Goooooooooooooooo download it!