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Top 5 Bakery Items in Pittsburgh

Desserts and Pastries


We all love to hop around from store to store here in Pittsburgh. So here are my top 5 bakery items that make hopping from bakery to bakery well worth all that Easter bunny hopping.

1. Paddy Cake Bakery Donuts. These are seriously the best bargain ever. For years I was buying the occasional dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Boy was I spending too much and getting so little. Not only does Paddy Cake's offer a dozen for $8, but the variety and quality are far superior. More flavors, more size options, more taste and reasons to shop there. Go out and get some now!
2. Vanilla Pastry Studio cupcakes. The going rate around the burgh is $25 for a dozen cupcakes and here is no different. The difference however lies in the quality and taste. These will be the best 25 cupcakes you have ever had. The cake and the frosting are delicious and I can't say that too often about other places. This will be the best $25 you spend ever! Whether it's a special occasion or just because, these cupcakes are well worth the trip over to their new location near Braddock Avenue.
3. Glutteny Bakery. This bakery's claim to fame is their gluten free bakery options. Sometimes that can mean taste free options as well. However this bakery does not have that problem. They have the best gluten free cookies ever! You will not even know you are switching out gluten for gluten free. You could seriously put these out and not speak a word of the switch and no one will know the difference.
4. Whole Food Tiramisu. There is no other favorite dessert of mine than Tiramisu. However they are all not created equal. Once I laid my teeth into Whole Foods on Centre Ave's Tiramisu I knew I could have no other. Their overall presentation is wonderful, the cake is moist, but not soggy, and the layers of sweet cream are perfectly balanced. You even have accented cream that goes around the rectangle dessert that adds just a little bit more sweetness without going overboard. Wonder no more about whether you should try their Tiramisu. It is a paradise in desserts here in the Burgh.
5. Enrico Biscotti Company's Biscotti's. Because why else would you go to a biscotti focused store, but to try their key signature dish, biscotti. Join this delicious, crisp, treat with any of the area's great coffee's. Pick up a few or just one and you will be hooked. No need to go anywhere else for the great cookies. There just isn't a reason in the Burgh, not to hop on over and pick these up, since biscotti doesn't get any better than this. Check them out today and you will never want another biscotti again.