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Tool plays The Reno Event Center in downtown Reno

Tool "LIVE" in concert


On Sunday March 9, 2014 Tool played at the Reno Events Center in downtown Reno. The show sold out in under an hour, but they held some tickets back to sell on the day of the show and those went very fast.

Maynard James Keenan
Photo by John Tuckness
Tool plays The Reno Event Center in downtown Reno
Promo Photo

Also on the bill was a band called Failure.

Let me start by saying out of the 257 reviews that I have posted here on, I have only written one bad review about a band, not counting this one. But after what happened at this show, I'm afraid many Tool fans out there are not going to be very happy with this examiner.

After jumping though hoops just to get the photo pass to shoot the show and do a review (after all, is a news media site), the band only agreed to let me shoot the first song. So I told myself, well that's cool, thinking that maybe they are going to play one of their longer songs which they did. They opened with "Third Eye", which ran about 13 minutes. But what happened next was unbelievable.

After the song ended, security promptly escorted myself and the two other photographers that were also shooting out of the photo pit area where a gentlemen, I think is the head of security for the venue, I've seen and talked with him many times before, he's really a very nice guy. Anyway, he was waiting for us to exit the pit and asked if we had tickets. One of the photogs had one, but myself and the other guy did not. He went on to tell us that if we did not have a ticket we had to leave the venue.

As you can imagine, I was beside myself, this has never happened to this examiner before. So I asked him on the way out, how am I supposed to write a review of the show after only one song. He told me it's not the venue, it's the band. He said the band told him, "If the photographers don't have a ticket, they have to leave the building".

Well if the band thinks I'm going to buy a $100.00 ticket so I can write a review of their show, they must have a screw loose or something, that's not the way it works. Why even bother approving me in the first place if I can't stay and see the whole show, it's kinda hard to do a review after only one song. Actually it's impossible, you have to see the whole show to do an accurate review ..... duh.

Just who do these guys think they are, Gods of something. I think not !!!

Apparently these pompous, arrogant, over-rated and all the things I really want to say, but won't let me, must think that their better than all of the other bands out there who let me stay and see the entire show and maybe appreciate a good review.

Much bigger and better bands I might add.

With that said, you can bet this examiner won't waste any more of my time on these idiots.

On a better note, I did manage to get some descent shots off on the one and only song I was allowed to shoot. (check out the photo slideshow)

I can still say about The Reno Events Center, "It is Reno's premier venue. Great shows, great sound, great seating and most importantly for me being a photographer, great lighting. I don't blame them in anyway, shape or form".

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As with all this examiners reviews and feature stories, "The Photos Are What It's All About", so check out the photo slideshow and enjoy the show.

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All photos by, JOHN TUCKNESS


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