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Too much of the same

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Edge of Tomorrow


Edge of Tomorrow is Tom Cruise’s 2nd sci-fi film in a row. But this one has much more action than last year’s Oblivion. Unfortunately, more action doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better film. It’s an interesting plot though as Cruise plays Cage, a man who’s unwillingly put into battle in a war against an alien race. In his first day as a soldier, he’s killed within a few minutes of battle. But the strange thing is that he immediately finds himself living the previous day right after his supposed death. He’s caught in some kind of a time loop that he can’t get out of.

The movie is much like Groundhog Day in that sense, just with lots of action and aliens. Since Cage has no real battle skills and continues to die rather quickly each day in battle, he seeks out the soldier who was vital in defeating the aliens in the one successful battle that the human race has had against them thus far. That soldier, played by Emily Blunt, eventually informs him that her success was due to being in the same time loop that he was and taking the time to learn how to defeat them. She’s lost the ability to keep living over and over though as the gift (or curse, really) has transferred over to him now. Together, they try to figure out how to defeat the aliens for good.

One interesting thing about the film is that we get to see Tom Cruise play a character who’s pretty much a coward at the beginning of the movie which is rare. He’s usually so confidant in all of his films and here he plays a much more vulnerable character who is very afraid. Of course, that changes over the course of the film with all the experience gained through each day that he repeats though. So we do get to see a decent transformation in the main character, but the film truly does get a little too repetitive in watching the same scenes done over and over… and over. There are little variations each time but I just can’t see wanting to sit through these same scenes again after one viewing of the film. The alien creatures look pretty cool and there are some really good special effects with all of the action. But at some point it would have been nice to have a change of scenery or some sort of diversion. This type of story works well for comedy but not so much in an action film. And the route taken for the final day of hopefully beating the aliens for good was just too far-fetched and absurd to all happen in one day; I think by that point most viewers will have forgotten that everything is all still happening in that same first day. It just doesn’t seem plausible for so much to be accomplished in 24 hours, regardless of all the previous days he had to gather information. I think the movie had a very clever concept with great potential but was a misfire in the execution and could’ve been much better. The film opens on Friday, June 6.