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Too many remote controls? Try the Sony RM VL600 universal remote

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Sony RM-VL600 8-Device Universal Learning Remote


After a hard day’s work most San Francisco Bay Area residents like to cocoon and watch a movie on their HD TVs, listen to some music or play a few video games to relax.

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But one remote is needed for the HD TV, another one to operate the DVD player, one for the Blu-ray machine, one to turn on the CD player and the list goes on.

A solution to the proliferation of all these remotes is to consolidate them with a universal remote that can operate all the devices.

These universal remotes can cost up to several hundred dollars but if you have simple needs the Sony Universal Learning Remote Control RM VL600 is just the right gadget to bring all your remote control functions together.

It can operate up to 8 different units and learns the commands by directly taking the remote codes from the donor remote or entering a provided code from the manual.

The whole process is simple: set up the Sony remote to learn, point it at the remote you want to receive codes from, press the function you want programmed into the Sony, and the process is complete. In addition to simple on and off commands, the Sony remote can also be taught 12 other functions per device.

For older or more esoteric TVs or recording devices there are basic codes listed in the user’s manual. If the device is not listed the Sony remote can use a search routine to try to find the basic codes.

While the Sony Universal Learning Remote is easy to use, there is a slight learning curve in programming it. To enjoy the full benefits of this remote requires some time to understand the process. Individuals who aren’t tech savvy and expect it to run all their devices right out of the box will be disappointed.

The Sony RM VL600 retails for about $20 but can be found at heavily discounted prices of $12 or less for Sony factory refurbished units from and other retailers.