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Tony Wolf Paw - Spirit Man

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Tony Wolf Paw


“My Spirituality knows no religions….religions are taught, my spirituality is experienced”

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A man of many unique levels, Tony Wolfpaw was raised in a Pueblo community with strong religious beliefs that were mixed with native ways. This rooted upbringing was the base of his spirituality leading him to view religion and community with an open mind.

Wolf Paw’s very first experience with the paranormal was in a haunted theater in 1989. Elders and other people played an important part in his learning of the spirit world by mentoring him in Buddhism and Spiritism. Over the years his interest in the arts and paranormal grew. Tony Wolf Paw founded the Texas based paranormal investigative group, CLUE whose home is located in El Paso.

His training as an Audio Visual Technician was a plus while working in Radio, theatrical productions, T.V., film and concerts. He was the very first soundman to be hired by the Municipality of Ponce on the island of Puerto Rico. He led the audio department of their famous Teatro La Perla.

Tony Wolf Paw also created the first Ghost Tour called "Haunted History" which became very popular leading him to be in charge of all evening activities at the Serralles Castle Museum in Puerto Rico. The Museum proudly displays a plague with his name as Wolf Paw was the first to investigate Serralles as well as the caretaker and documentarian of all paranormal activities.

Tourists visiting the "Cruzeta del Vigia" in Puerto Rico are greeted by Tony Wolf Paw's voice. The tourist spot is visited by hundreds of thousands to marvel the 100 foot tal by 75 foot wide cross that stands atop of the "El Vigia" mountain overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Wolf Paw moved back to the Southwest to Horizon City where he was dedicated to working for the unity of his own community. Here he became the 30th of 100 members of Eagle Clan of Lipan Apache of Texas. He tells us, "I have Chiricahua and Crow from both Great, Great Grandfathers of my parents". He has led the Eagle Clan and members of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo celebrate the annual even called "Celebrating Native American Cultures.

Tony is an active member of his community working with art and crafts as well as producing voiceover documentaries of hauntings and other great stories.Wolf Paw is also the owner and founder of Chat Room Network on Blog Talk Radio. He hosts "The Chat Room" Monday-Friday 10pm EST. Previously he had hosted "The Tony Wolf Paw Show" on Angel Wisdom Radio Network and is currently writing two books, involved in two filming projects for television, as well as joining Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine as a feature writer.

Being a feature writer on Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine, Tony will be writing two different categories, Voices of the Southwest & On Haunted Grounds. Both should provide us with absolutely interesting stories from a man who has not only traveled our world, but the spirit world as well and will give us a different insight into both.

Tony Wolf Paw how do you find the time? Can we get an autograph please!!

Below you will find a link to his Facebook page and his blog talk radio show! Enjoy!