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Tony West and Blacklist Union bring the rock on Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part by Tony West and Blacklist Union


In days of old, we heard tales of many rockers that simply left home at an early age to chase their dreams. People that had a story to tell and a life they needed to remove themselves from just to have a chance to succeed. Tony West of Blacklist Union is one of those people. Taking off from an abusive home at the hands of his father at the tender age of 13 in NYC and landing in the streets of L.A.

Tony West and Blacklist Union
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Tony West and Blacklist Union
Tony West and Blacklist Union

Tony takes awhile to open up and I expected that really knowing how years of mental and physical abuse can make one standoffish and untrusting. Once he does warm up to you (and yes, I get that press types can be both liars and fakes) he is really a laid back guy with insight and a personality that is quick to laugh.

Now, take all of the above info and I will leave it as is and add on dating celebrities, marrying Carol Burnett’s daughter and having kids of his own, landing on the talk show circuit for some time, getting help from Geraldo Rivera and ultimately getting banned from the Jerry Springer Show of all things. This guy has lived and lived to talk about it.

He does so in the music and the lyrics, touching on life, death. love, sex, drugs, you name it and it’s in there and he does it with one hell of a sound in the form of Blacklist Union. Onstage he reminded one of Steven Tyler in his moves and in todays t-shirt and jeans band look, the rockstar garb fits him, even when he dons Native American dress (he is part Cherokee). He also has strong opinions on old rock bands standing in the path of new music and how it kills the scene and the chances of it ever really being heard.

The band blisters on the entire new album “Til Death Do Us Part” and he has friends show up in the form of members of the rock band SALIVA, Hunt Sales (David Bowie’s Tin Machine & Iggy & the Stooges), Anthony “Trouble” Valli (CrazyTown) and Todd Youth (Danzig, Murphy’s Law, D Generation). That this is their 3rd effort, well, I advise that you take a look and listen to the other albums as well. If you miss that 80’s/90’s rock with attitude, groove, and the look then this is what you have been thirsting for, rockers on the edge. Anthemic rock songs, dirty in your face straight up sexual songs and some wicked ballad style rock power tunes as well. This album has it all and "The Lick Kitty Split Theme Song" may be the next big song that gets all of those rockers chicks hopping, dancing, and throwing off their clothes.

For Tony, to really get a good take on him you must have a listen it to our interview here where you can also get song clips and the full version of “Digging For Gold”:

Then enjoy the ride of the embedded video and go pick up a copy today.