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Tom Berenger is on a rampage triggering the 'Amber Alert Terror on the Highway'

Amber Alert Terror on the Hightway


Tom Berenger is one of those actors that has always brought a lot of intensity to his roles. Over the last few years he seems to be showing up everywhere from big budget releases to straight to video and in all genres. His latest film Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway he takes on a darker role, but will it get the emergency response necessary?

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Amber Alert: Terror on the Highway follows a man who kidnaps two girls in Oregon triggering the Amber Alert system throughout many surrounding states. This is one of those movies that could have been really great, but gets lost in itself. There is a lot trying to happen here, but nothing really going on. Berenger brings his usual intensity to the role and when the film is focused on him and his victims the film works, but sadly it keeps shifting back out to the other characters that really offer nothing other than to hope to push it forward, but in a boring way. It’s hard to figure out what the real direction they were going for here as one minute it is a great thriller with Berenger and then the other side seems to be focusing way to much on the Amber Alert system as though it was a plug for it. The film starts strong, but then stumbles around to an ending that seems to come out of nowhere and just end with little climax.

This was such a missed opportunity as the concept had the makings to deliver, but just fell apart somewhere. Berenger is great but at times feels like he is just phoning it in here and not given the chance to really cut lose. This feels like more of a made for TV movie and if watched as such might work better for some.