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‘To Tuscany With Love’ a great romance for Valentine’s Day

Discover both friendship and love in Tuscany
Nick Zelinger

Gail Mencini's 'To Tuscany With Love'


If you are looking for a romantic read for Valentine’s Day you’ll want to pick up Gail Mencini’s debut novel, ‘To Tuscany With Love’. Set against the beautiful landscape of Tuscany, you’ll find yourself lost in a moving story of friendship and love. Mencini’s beautiful prose will transport you to the romantic streets of Italy where your heart will be captured by the lives of eight strangers who find friendship during one summer that will forever alter their lives.

When Bella Rossini, is shipped off to Tuscany by her mother, she never imagined the dramatic turn her life would take. Forced into spending the summer with seven complete strangers, she finds both friendship and love. Thirty years after their whirlwind summer, they reunite in Tuscany and have a reunion that none of them could have ever imagined. Their dreams and secrets are revealed and the anger that they’ve held onto for over thirty years is finally dispelled. Over the course of the reunion, the friends find away to let go of the past heartbreaks in order to move forward with their futures.

Gail Mencini does a beautiful job of bringing the enchanting Tuscany landscape to life. With her rich characters and detailed descriptions of the Tuscan culture and landscape, ‘To Tuscany With Love’ is a story that will capture your heart. If you are looking for a romantic adventure that will sweep you away this Valentine’s Day, Gail Mencini’s debut novel ‘To Tuscany With Love’ is a can’t miss.