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To Infiniti and beyond...2013 Infiniti M56 S

2013 Infiniti M56S


On the outside, the Infiniti M56 S projects the image of a mid-size, stylish luxury sedan. On the inside you'll discover the most advanced technology available in the automotive industry, starting with a 420-horsepower 5.6-liter V8 engine under the hood. With all this power...this Infiniti is ready to launch. Coupled to a 7-speed automatic transmission, the M56 S is fast and smooth...available in either rear-wheel drive or Infiniti's Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system.

2013 infiniti M56S
2013 infiniti M56S
Nissan North America/Infiniti
M56S Interior
Nissan North America/Infiniti

The "S" on the Infiniti badging designates the Sports Package, which is offered on both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models and includes sport-tuned suspension, sport brakes and 20-inch wheel and tires, and 4-wheel Active Steer on rear-wheel drive models.

The 2013 Infiniti M also continues as a showcase for Infiniti's advanced, user-focused technologies, including:
• Infiniti Drive Mode Selector, a four-mode driver-selectable control of throttle and transmission mapping that helps optimize vehicle performance
• Active Noise Control, which reduces undesirable engine harmonics, providing a quieter cabin
• Blind Spot Warning (BSW), which helps alert the driver if another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area
• Blind Spot Intervention® (BSI), a world's first system that, provides selective braking if the vehicle approaches an adjacent lane while another vehicle is detected in the blind spot area to help the driver return the vehicle back toward the center of the lane of travel
• Forest Air® system, which helps reduce the intrusion of unpleasant odors into the cabin and provides a more natural breeze-like airflow
• Eco Pedal, which provides driver feedback to encourage eco-driving behavior
• Active Trace Control, which adjusts engine torque and braking at each of the four wheels to help enhance cornering performance
• Double-piston Shock Absorbers that control damping force according to frequency of input from the road surface
• Enhanced Intelligent Key that remembers last used audio, navigation and climate control settings for each key (in addition to linking to seat, steering wheel and side view mirror positions through the dual occupant memory system)

Also offered are an advanced Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System, Bose® Studio Surround® premium audio system, Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range), Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention systems, Distance Control Assist, Intelligent Brake Assist with Forward Collision Warning and Front Pre-Crash Seat Belts.

A unique feature of the 2013 M is Infiniti Drive Mode Selector, an integrated control system that allows drivers to select from four driving modes, depending on mood or driving conditions, with a dial switch located on the center console. Each mode, Standard, Eco, Sport or Snow, adjusts throttle sensitivity and transmission mapping to help optimize performance. What was surprising was that in the Eco mode, there is an accelerator pedal stop that you can feel which will actually allow the driver to accelerate in a very easy gas economizing manner. It feels similar to the acceleration of an electric car, which is hard to believe with a 420 horse engine that is just ready to explode with a little ground-pounding thrust that the M56 S is capable.

Also standard on all M models is Active Noise Control, which generates "canceling" sound from four door speakers (and subwoofer for models equipped with a Bose® sound system) to reduce unpleasant engine harmonics. The cabin noise levels are monitored by two microphones located in the M's ceiling, with no action needed from the driver and passengers except to enjoy the quiet, comfortable cabin. The only distracting "noise" during our test drive, which included a full load of five passengers, was coming from the middle back seat passenger who stated, "If you're reviewing this Infiniti...make sure you tell them that sitting on the back seat "hump" is not very comfortable." Other than's an extremely quiet ride.

Even with all the horsepower that is available in the M56S, if you drive a little conservatively and use the Eco mode, you should be able to match the Highway fuel rating of 32 MPG and 27 MPG in the City.

Our test vehicle was loaded with all the trick electronics, 20-inch wheels, and premium interior which brought the sticker price to just under $71,000.


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