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TMNT (2012) Season 2, Episode 8: The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones

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TMNT (2012) Season 2, Episode 8: The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back after being on hiatus for nine weeks, and it was well worth the wait. Episode eight of season two introduces a fan favorite character, the hockey masked vigilante Casey Jones. We see Casey in episodes four and six of season two, but just as a student at April O'Neil's high school. With canisters of the mutagen hidden all over the city, and new mutants popping up from time to time, Casey decides to don a hockey mask and carry sporting goods to use as weapons, and becomes a crime fighter. At first he thinks it's boring, but then he sees three of The Purple Dragons mugging someone, and he comes to an old man's rescue. As Casey fights the three Purple Dragons, Raphael shows up to stop this new vigilante in the hockey mask.

As Raphael and Casey continue fighting each other, the Purple Dragons get away. The fight continues, and eventually Casey uses his electrical device to shock Raphael, knocking him down, and Casey runs away...for now. Having a bad temper, Raphael is not happy about this. Later on, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Leonardo mess around with Raphael, and his temper gets the best of him again, so Raphael leaves and goes topside, onto the rooftops, where he lets out some frustrations. As Casey writes in his journal and draws a picture of Raphael (as illustrated by Turtle's co-creator Kevin Eastman), he looks across the street and sees Raphael again. This time, as Raphael leaves, Casey follows him down into the sewers, not knowing that the Foot Soldiers are following him as well.

Casey sneaks into the turtle's lair, now realizing that there's a total of four mutant turtles, not just one. Casey tries to get a closer look, but he accidentally knocks a fork on the ground, and this gets the turtle's attention. At this moment, April and Master Splinter show up, and April introduces Casey to everyone. Casey, being afraid of rats, faints when he sees Splinter, and April has to slap him into consciousness. Then, April senses that they're not alone, and this is where the Foot Soldiers come crashing in. A fight ensues in the turtle's lair, but one Foot Soldier, who has the info on the turtle's home location, runs away, then Casey and Raphael chase after him. As they're trying to catch the Foot Soldier, they try to one-up each other, seeing who can catch the Foot Soldier first.

They chase after the Foot Soldier on the train tracks, and then the train comes along, and a battle on top of the train commences. Eventually they jump off the train, stopping the Foot Soldier before he can get away with the valuable information. Noticing that they work well together, and that they're not much different, Casey and Raphael shake hands and become friends. Once they head back to the turtle's lair, everyone sees how tight Raphael and Casey are, and they wonder, is this a good thing? Having TWO Raphael's around?

This episode is one of the greater ones from this new series. There are a lot of hidden items, ergo, "Easter Eggs," in this episode. Casey's hockey stick says "East Man" on the side, representing the last name of co-creator Kevin Eastman. As mentioned earlier, the drawings in Casey's book, also by Eastman. A lot of the scenes from this episode are very similar to some scenes from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, especially the ones involving Casey and Raphael. This episode is a blast from the past from previous turtle's lore, and that's what makes this episode special. Add the action sequences, especially the train fighting scenes, this is what this animated series is all about. It's a rare find, but I give this episode a five out of five stars. Episode 8: The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones has it all, humor, action, nostalgia, and a preview of things to come. Check local listings for dates and times, as seen on Nickelodeon.


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