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TMNT (2012) Season 2, Episode 7: Slash and Destroy

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TMNT (2012) Season 2, Episode 7: Slash and Destroy


"Slash and Destroy" starts off with Donatello experimenting with the mutagen that the turtles have collected, and once again he causes an explosion, but this time, Raphael's pet turtle "Spike" almost gets hurt by the debris. After Raphael manages to rescue Spike, he enters Donatello's lab and takes the remaining canister of mutagen, and takes it to his room so Donatello can't make things explode again. Thinking the canister is safe in his room, Raphael exits his room leaving Spike behind as well. The canister falls to the ground, and the mutagen oozes out all over the floor, leaving Spike intrigued with the glowing ooze.

When Raphael returns to his room, he complains about his brothers, and he hears a voice that agrees with him. This is where Slash makes his grand appearance in this new series, and he's a lot bigger then the turtles, and a lot more aggressive. Raphael and Slash feel like they'd be a great team without Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello, so the two head out to look for a canister of mutagen that Donatello's Mutagen Tracker picked up earlier.

This version of Slash is brutal and pounds on Donatello and Michelangelo, he even takes off their masks and wraps them around his arm like they're trophies. Slash is a character that the turtles don't want to mess around with, and the ending of this episode proves just that.

Overall, this is an action packed episode that introduces old and new viewers to the character of Slash, and how time has changed this fan favorite character. This series has been great so far, hopefully we'll be seeing more of the classic characters appear in upcoming episodes. "Slash and Destroy" receives four out of five stars from this reviewer, and that's because the plot taught us a lesson that brotherhood is sacred, and it should never be tampered with, no matter who comes along in your life. Slash is a great character/villain as well.


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