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Anya Marina, April 26, Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY

Anya Marina & Friends.


Title: Anya Marina, April 26, Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY 4/5
Body: Anya Marina and the Mariners (NOT the band name) were scheduled to perform at 8PM and attracted a large and energetic crowd to Brooklyn’s Union Hall with the promise of good music and a warm personal setting.

Anya Marina at the show.
Cashback International Inc.
A profile of the headliner
Cashback International, Inc.

Prior to the show, she was kind enough to grant me an exclusive interview, which somehow managed to corrupt itself between then and now, mark another point for physical > digital) where she touched on moving from Portland to Brooklyn (despite what the internet says), recently becoming friends with Fred Armisen and being a fan of his show ‘Portlandia' (currently available on IFC and Netflix), is waiting for the chance to do a guest appearance, some of her favorite music artists (past - Bach, present - Fiona Apple's latest release) and how fans from both coasts are equally as devoted (she further discouraged a resurrection of the rivalry, ala Biggie Smalls and TuPac Shakur). Speaking of (her entire fanbase), she wanted to thank all of us for our support and fandom of her music.

I went on to ask her about what helped her to make the decision to forgo the typical 9-5 lifestyle and pursue her passion instead. To which she alluded that it’s just something she chose to do, as “normalcy” was never an appealing option. Finally, I asked her if she had any plans of doing a show in Orlando, to which she stated that it was a definite future possibility [especially if the severe New York winters persist, I offer].
At showtime, Anya opened personally with a couple songs about love to warm the crowd up when the scheduled opening act canceled at the last minute and successfully heightened the room's energy.

Next up was Morgan Murphy with dry and vulgar comedy that broke the crowd up into uncontrollable laughter. She held nothing back and succeeded in causing unanimous reactions of unbridled humor.
Then came comedian Phil Hanley, who touched on life with an elderly roommate and being Canadian. He invited a crowd member on stage to help a bit and then closed with a very amiable bit about exes and breaking up.
After a brief "potty break." Marina's crew set up and proceeded to deliver a performance to the sold out and packed venue that resulted in sheer pandemonium; mixed with stories from her past trials and tribulations.
Roger Greenawolt with ukulele came in later and brought a unique sound to the evening.
Later Marina came on to deliver a lot of solos that delighted the crowd and was later joined by the rest of the band to hammer out pleasant melodies.
As the penultimate number began, we found ourselves irresistibly singing along to her, now infamous, rendition of T.I.'s 'Whatever You Like' which segued into the evening’s final song and after an explicit declaration that there would be no encore, the cramped audience slowly trickled out and past the merch table where they were soon met by the headliner herself who was eager to appease devoted fans with autographs and personal interaction.

In lieu of the botched interview (again, thank you modern reliance on technology), to the bottom right is link to her much beloved version of ‘Whatever You Like.’

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