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'Titanfall's' Frontier's Edge prospers alongside largest game update yet

'Titanfall' Frontier's Edge DLC Screenshots-slide0
Photo courtesy of EA, used with permission.

'Titanfall' - Frontier's Edge DLC


The largest Titanfall update recently launched on Xbox One and PC, coming soon to the Xbox 360, bringing a reworked Burn Card Black Market where players can purchase booster packs and profit from selling unused cards. Combine this with a new Daily Challenge system where three unique objectives are rewarded every day, with a maximum of nine at any given time, and that alone would be enough for most fans of the game to make a return to the IMC vs. Militia campaign.

The Frontier's Edge Key Art
Photo courtesy of EA, used with permission.

However, Respawn Entertainment has also launched Frontier's Edge, the second of three multiplayer map packs planned for release. As always, Season Pass owners will gain immediate access to the trio of maps: Dig Site, Export, and Haven.

The former of these maps takes place on a fringe mining planet where the two forces are vying for resource control. The brown, muddy environment leaves much to be desired but the sunken location in the ground does lead to some pretty tense vertical combat. Between this and the many routes through and around the map and it finds itself perfectly suited for countless matches of Capture the Flag.

Haven stands as the most visually refreshing of the three. The beach resort locale features blue skies, a vibrant color palette, and zip lines to help pilots navigate the largely open map. There are three or four main routes throughout the complex meaning Last Titan Standing matches are full of strategy as you're guaranteed not to be flanked for quite some time, but skirmish long enough and tactics inevitably come into play. It's a little tough to play Domination on however due to the, erm, dominance of Titans that can simply camp on one of the three spots, leaving much control to brute force alone. That said, Haven has to be one of our favorite Titanfall maps to date and every fan should get thorough enjoyment out of it.

That leaves us with a look at Export, which seemingly finds a balance between the two aforementioned maps. Yet again, mining seems to be a focal point, but with more of am emphasis on close-quarters house-to-house combat for the foot combat. This leads to highly competitive Attrition and Domination match ups where focus is yanked from Titans and placed back onto the outperforming and out-positioning your opposition.

All things considered, with Frontier's Edge, Respawn continues to prove that it understands exactly what design elements bring unique, fun, and exciting gameplay and content to its fans. Of course it helps that it's doing so in a manner that's bounds cheaper than its competition. The Frontier's Edge map pack is $9.99 by itself or included in the $24.99 Titanfall Season Pass.


  • Haven is gorgeous.
  • Each map offers something unique.
  • New game update for free!


  • Dig Site isn't exactly on par with most of the other maps.

A copy of Frontier's Edge was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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