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Titan Comics releases new ‘Doctor Who’ titles

Titan Comics - Doctor Who New Release Comic Books


After a long and torturous wait, The Doctor is back in two new comic book titles. On July 23, 2014, Titan Comics will release two separate comic titles starring the Tenth and Eleventh incarnations of The Doctor. With new companions, fans of the show get another chance to travel with two favorite Doctors.

The Tenth Doctor’s first story is “Revolution of Terror” and is written by Nick Abadzis. When the daughter of an enterprising family in New York is expected to help run the family businesses, strange occurrences keep happening. Fewer and fewer of Gabriella’s neighbors are outside of their homes due to terrifying visions that are affecting the public. What is causing all of these strange sightings? This first issue truly encapsulates the terror and dread of Gabriella’s predicament. With artist Elena Casagrande and writer Nick Abadzis at the helm, readers will struggle to wait until the next month’s installment.

The Eleventh Doctor’s first issue involves a giant space dog and a sad woman named Alice. “After Life” begins with the passing of Alice’s mother, the loss of her job and the impending loss of her home. When life can’t seem to get any worse, a strange man enlists her help so catch a strange dog looking creature. Al Ewing and Rob Williams’s writing expertly brings to life the magic that is Matt Smith’s Doctor. Both jovial and sad, the story has true depth and moments of great comedy. Simon Fraser’s art also seamlessly integrates with the story presented and Doctor’s personality.

Each issue has a fun mini story in the back using the “Doctor Who” Titan figures, and “After Life” includes a short comic story titled “Pond Life”. Since both stories revolve around a sense of dread and suspense, the comedy of these short stories helps to balance both books.

Overall, Titan Comics starts both storylines off with a bang that readers will want to continue each month. The simple, yet elegant art paired with the compelling writing truly creates a new comic book world for The Doctor. On sale in physical form only in the United States beginning July 23, readers can subscribe by visiting the Titan Comics site.